Bluewater Series Speargun/ Heavy Duty Double Roller
  • Bluewater Series Speargun/ Heavy Duty Double Roller

    HRS 140cm  Bluewater Speargun (contact Paul about Heavy duty Double roller option)

    • Gun Specifications

      - 100% teak (unless padauk or mahogany requested) 

      - Cuddlefish bone body shape

      - 4x 5/8 (16mm) power bands

      - Enclosed poured epoxy track and your choice of up to 3 colors- see options below

      - Neptonics SS reverse trigger mechanism 

      - 11/32 American Style square notch flopper shaft with 4x sharkfin tabs

      - AR-15 grip 

      - Midhandle or rear plus style gun

      - 300 lb. test black mono

      - Fully ballasted

      - Rigged for floatline break away system

      *Check Gun Modifications page for more ways to make your HRS gun unique to you!


      - Double Roller Specs (+$100.00)

      - 4x delrin rollers

      - 3x attatchment points on bottom of gun

      - 2x 5/8 (16mm) bands

      - Shaft comes with rest tab

      - All other Specs same as Bluewater Series Speargun

    Track Color
    Track Color(1)
    Track Color(2)